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Lunchtime Seminar Series

Lunchtime Seminar Series

Posted: 10/19/2020


This Horizon 2020 project aimed to develop (a) an Ultra High Durability Concrete (UHDC) and (b) a Durability Assessment-based Design (DAD) methodology to improve the durability and predict the long-term performance of structures in Extremely Aggressive Exposure (EAE) conditions. The driving principle of this project is that the long-term behaviour of such structures can benefit from the use of high performance materials. This is achieved within the framework of durability-based design approaches by advancing UHPC/UHPFRC through the incorporation of tailored Nano scale constituents which focus on stimulating autogenous self-healing. New design concepts are being validated through long-term monitoring in six full-scale pilot projects, selected as representative of cutting edge economy sectors, such as green energy, blue growth and conservation of reinforced concrete heritage.

Who should attend

This presentation will be of interest to all those who are involved in the design, specification and construction of concrete. Those who should attend include consulting engineers, engineers in contracting firms, specialist concrete sub-contractors, concrete and precast concrete producers, concrete technologists, and precast concrete designers.


13.00 Welcome and Introduction
13.05 Advanced Cement Based Composites: an Asset for Civil Engineering to Contribute to Societal and Economical Challenges. The Approach of the H2020 Project ‘ReSHEALience’.
Prof Liberato Ferrara, Project Coordinator, Politecnico di Milano,
13.25 UHDC Concept, Design, Manufacture and Pilot Casting at Banagher.
Peter Deegan, Irish Pilot Project Lead, Banagher Precast Concrete
13.45 Questions and Answers
Prof Liberato Ferrara and Peter Deegan
14.00 Ends

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