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Pushing Boundaries: Efficient Design and Construction to Reduce Carbon in Concrete

Event Date: 06/11/2024

Venue: Engineers Ireland, Clyde Road, Dublin 2

Reducing carbon in concrete requires not only changes in the material’s manufacture but also smart, well-coordinated and efficient design and construction decisions. With no single strategy available to achieve this, innovative approaches are needed in the way in which projects are designed and built.

This seminar will provide practical information and guidance on optimising design and construction decisions to aid in reducing carbon associated with the use of concrete. Our industry professional and expert speakers will cover important details from helping clients understand and minimise impacts to smarter design and construction processes which can lead to reduced embodied carbon emissions. A case study on efficiencies achieved in the steel industry will also be presented.

This seminar will be of particular interest to Design and Consulting Engineers, and Main Contractor Engineers involved in the design, specification and supervision of construction. Site Engineers, Sub- Contractors, Ready-mixed and Precast Concrete Producers will also benefit from attending.


  • ICS / EI Members Early Bird: €145 pp
  • Non-member Early Bird: €245 pp
  • ICS / EI Members Normal: €195 pp
  • Non-member Normal: €295 pp


09:30 Registration and Tea/Coffee
10:00 Welcome | Robert Laird, ESB and Chair of the Irish Concrete Society
10:05 Client Choices | Adela Tablas, Arup
10:35 Smarter Processes | Eddie Lyons, O’Connor Sutton Cronin + Contractor, TBC
11:15 Tea/Coffee Break
11:30 What Can You Do Better in Design? | Paul Astle, Ramboll
12.10 Leaner Construction | Keith O’Flynn & Joe Gartlan, John Sisk & Son
12:40 Efficiencies Case Study from the Steel Industry | Tony Woods,
Midland Steel
13:10 Questions and Answers
13:30 Closing Remarks


Architectural Concrete: achieving the finish you want (Postponed)

Event Date:

This event has been postponed until further notice.

Venue: Clayton Hotel Charlemont, Dublin 2

Concrete is one of the most dynamic and flexible building materials in architectural history. A multifaceted material, it has the ability to take on many forms, textures and colours. Architectural concrete is a demonstration of this exceptional quality and how it can be turned into appealing surfaces that will still meet structural and engineering requirements.

Permanently exposed to view, achieving good quality surface finishes can be challenging, requiring an understanding of material properties and the processes involved.

In this RIAI CPD approved seminar, our highly experienced speakers will look at the use, specification and finishing of architectural concrete. A case study on the award-winning International Rugby Experience building will also be presented.

This seminar has been designed for architects at all levels of their careers. Consulting and Design Engineers, Ready-mixed Concrete Producers, Precast Concrete Manufacturers, Main Contractors and  Specialist Sub-Contractors will also benefit from attending.

Fee:  ICS / RIAI / AAI Members: €125, Non-member: €175 pp


  • 09.00 Registration
  • 09.30 Chair’s Introduction | Steven Connolly, Architect, Grafton Architects
  • 09.35 Visual Concrete Finishes and Specification | Colin Heffernan, Concrete Technical Manager, Roadstone
  • 10.05  Achieving Required Finishes | Jonathan Reid, Principal, Grey Matter Concrete
  • 10.40 Polished Concrete Floors | Seamus Redmond, Managing Director, Renobuild
  • 11.00 Break
  • 11.30 Architectural Concrete in the Built Environment | Jon Matthews, Director, Jon Matthews Architects  
  • 12.00 International Rugby Experience Case Study | Ben Allnatt, Architect, Niall McLoughlin Architects
  • 12.30 Questions and Answers
  • 13.00 Ends

Email to register.

41st Awards Evening and Annual Dinner

Event Date: 04/27/2024

We are delighted to announce that the Irish Concrete Society 41st Awards Evening and Annual Dinner will be held on Saturday, 27th April in the Clayton Hotel, Burlington Road, Dublin 4.

The cocktail dress will commence with a drinks reception and exhibition of entries at 7.30pm, followed by dinner at 8.30pm. During the evening the Main Category Awards will be presented, together with the Sean de Courcy Student Award and the 11th International Award.

The evening also serves as our annual dinner providing an opportunity to meet old friends and make new acquaintances in a social setting where members, their partners and guests, are especially welcome.

Tickets are priced at €150 each or €1,350 for a table of 10. For further information on purchasing tickets and sponsorship packages, please contact

Advanced Concrete Technology Lecture: Concrete – Future Technologies: 3D Printing, Concrete AI Optimisation and In-Process Quality Control with AI

Event Date: 03/11/2024


Embark on a journey through the evolving landscape of concrete technology. The latest developments in 3D concrete printing and its challenges will be shown as well as the AI-controlled optimisation of concrete mix designs from normal concrete to ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) based on raw material parameters. In combination with this, the future role of AI-controlled in-process quality control with sensor systems and prediction of concrete quality. This trifecta of innovations demonstrates a paradigm shift in the concrete industry that promises sustainable, efficient and high-performance concrete solutions.

Who should attend

This free to attend lecture will be of interest to all those who are involved in the design, specification, production and construction of concrete. Those who should attend include ready-mixed and precast concrete producers, concrete technologists, cement producers, design engineers, consulting engineers and engineers in contracting and sub-contracting firms.

Speaker Biography

Dr.-Ing. Gregor Zimmermann is a founder and CEO of G.tecz Engineering GmbH, an innovative research and development company located in Germany that develops cement bonded high tech materials for industry applications. G.tecz is recognized worldwide for their contribution to innovative concrete technologies such as UHPC, ultra-lightweight concrete with aerogel and innovation technologies to reduce CO2 in concrete and construction.

As CEO, Gregor is involved in the development of innovation projects and out of the box thinking with clients. The latest development by Gregor is concrete DNA for the optimisation and quality control of concrete with artificial intelligence, based on raw-material data and a huge database of concrete formulations realised by G.tecz since 2006.


5.45pm: Registration, Tea/Coffee

6.30pm: Concrete – Future Technologies: 3D Printing,Concrete AI Optimisation and In-Process Quality Control with AI

7.15pm: Q&A

7.30pm: Event Ends

7.45pm: Group Dinner*

* Please indicate when booking if you would like to join the group for dinner and avail of the opportunity to talk further.

Please note that there will be a charge for dinner.


Email to register, see here for further information.

When the Cube Fails: What to do when strengths appear not to be as specified

Event Date: 12/05/2023

Venue: Online

The strength of concrete is primarily measured by the testing of cubes made from the fresh concrete supply. On occasion lower than expected test results may be received, casting doubt over the quality of the concrete in a structure. While many factors may disrupt construction schedules, few are more frustrating than questions concerning concrete quality. Therefore, the causes of these failures need to be identified in order for the correct course of action to be taken.

Delivered by highly experienced industry professionals, this seminar will explain the differences between cube strength and in-situ concrete strength, together with the course of action in the event of cube failure. In addition, the seminar will advise on how results should be interpreted, and the consequences to all parties of poor practices.

This seminar will provide crucial information for Design Engineers, Site Engineers, those in supervisory roles and all who are interested in the efficient delivery of quality concrete structures. Ready-mixed concrete producers and client representatives will also benefit from attending.

Fee:  ICS / Concrete Society (NI) Member: €80, Non-member: €130 pp


10.00  Welcome and Introduction
10.05  What Constitutes a Failure |  TBC
10.35  Good Practice | Keith Goodwin, Kilsaran
11.05  Break
11.15  Actions in the Event of Non-compliant Concrete | Alan Mullane & Micheál Byrne, John Sisk & Son
11.45  Further Testing and Results | Deborah Adair, Mattest
12.15  Outcomes | David Moore, Punch Consulting
12.35   Case Study | Ian Evans, The Concrete Society
12.45   Q&A
13.00   Ends

Email to register. se

Second Life: options for repair and refurbishment of structural concrete

Event Date: 10/17/2023

Venue: Clayton Hotel Liffey Valley, Dublin

Concrete structures are designed to last for at least fifty years and often beyond. Efforts are increasingly turning towards improving the durability traits of concrete to ensure even longer lasting structures. This longer-term view is also being applied to existing buildings and structures whereby refurbishment and repair contributes to the extension of expected service life. This can result in increasing the sustainability of building resources through the reuse and adaptation of concrete buildings to meet future needs, and infrastructure that continues to meet its operating requirements beyond the original intention.

In this seminar our experienced panel of speakers will provide practical information and  guidance on issues to be considered, their assessment and options available for repairing concrete structures.

This seminar has been designed for all those in mid to senior level positions. Design Engineers, Local Authority Engineers, Resident Engineers, Main and Specialist Sub-Contractors will all find this seminar very beneficial. Asset Managers and Clients will also benefit from attending.

Fee:  ICS / Concrete Society (NI) Member: €110, Non-member: €160 pp


  • 09.30 Registration
  • 10.00 Chair’s Introduction  Cloragh Byrne, Arup
  • 10.05 Causes of Defects Robin Gahan, SCB Services
  • 10.35 Testing and Assessment Dr Thomas Callanan, Infrastruct AMS
  • 11.05 Break
  • 11.25 Repairs in Accordance with EN1504 Anjana Singh, SIKA Ireland
  • 11.55 Extending the Life of our Aging Concrete Enda McKenna, McFarland Consulting
  • 12.30 Questions and Answers
  • 13.00 Ends

Email to register. see h

Practical Concreting

Event Date: 09/19/2023

Venue: Online Event

Advances in constituent materials, production processes, and construction technologies have all contributed to improvements in concrete construction. However, the successful execution of concrete construction requires sound practice on site. Careful planning of on-site resources and processes, together with coordination and communication, are necessary to minimise potential problems, and to ensure quality is achieved and maintained throughout.

In this short course, our experienced panel of speakers will provide practical information and guidance for those involved in the planning, management and supervision of concrete construction work.

This course has been designed for all those in mid to senior level positions. Contracts managers, project managers and site engineers will all find this course very beneficial. Site supervisory personnel, consulting engineers, ready-mixed concrete producers, and client representatives will also benefit from attending.

Fee:  ICS Member: €80, Non-member: €130


  • 09:30     Welcome
  • 09:35     Planning | Ciaran Collins & Paul McPadden, Walls Construction
  • 10:15     Formwork | Erich Sumperhofer, DOKA
  • 10:45     Pre-pour Preparation | Mark Coatsworth, John Paul Construction
  • 11.15     Break
  • 11.25     Ordering and Delivery | Colin Heffernan, Roadstone
  • 11:55     Placing and Compaction | Peter Bryant, KWIK RC Frames  
  • 12:25     Finishing & Curing | Joe Gartlan, John Sisk & Son
  • 12:55     Site sampling and Testing | Vincent Anderson, MTS Ltd.
  • 13.15    Q&A
  • 13.30    Ends

Email to register. see h

Annual Golf Tournament

Event Date: 08/31/2023

Our Annual Golf Tournament with The Concrete Society Northern Ireland Region will take place on Thursday 31st August 2023 in Killeen Castle Golf Resort.

Limited to 30 players, this is a members only event. A booking fee of €60 per player applies.

Tee-off will be from 9.12am with a two course meal afterwards in the club house. The competition is individual based with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. The 1st place golfer will also win the JKC Construction Perpetual Challenge Cup!

Located just 20 mins from Exit 6 on the M50, Killeen Castle Golf Resort is home to a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course. Host of the Ladies Irish Open 2011-2013 and the 2011 Solheim Cup, this world class golf course is a magnificent test of golf, showcasing modern golfing excellence in terms of design and presentation.

Providing a wonderful test of golf and offering a glorious landscape and idyllic setting, Killeen Castle Golf Resort has been voted the Best Parkland Course in the greater Dublin area. Golfers of all abilities will enjoy this expansive and challenging course.

Email to book

Summer Concreting

Event Date: 06/15/2023

Venue: Online Event

Hot weather conditions are usually caused by a combination of factors including high ambient temperature, high solar radiation, low relative humidity and high wind velocity. While prolonged high ambient temperatures are not common in Ireland, ambient temperatures of 20°C and above, together with low humidity and drying winds present a high risk to long term concrete quality.

As these conditions can impact both fresh and hardened concrete, precautions are necessary to ensure that concrete performance is not unduly affected. In this seminar we will provide practical information for the successful planning and placing of concrete during the summer months.

This seminar will be of intertest to Main Contractors, Consulting Engineers, Local Authority Engineers, Specialist Sub-Contractors, Site Supervisory Personnel and Producers.

Fee:  ICS Member: €65, Non-member: €95


  • 10.00  Welcome
  • 10.05  Introduction and General Overview | Robert Laird, ESB
  • 10.25  Design Options for Hot Weather Concreting | Colin Heffernan, Roadstone
  • 10.55  Site Practice: Planning, Placing, and Curing | Brendan Dunne, PJ Hegarty & Sons
  • 11.25  Break
  • 11.35  Health and Safety Considerations in Hot Weather | Michael Kavanagh, Collen Construction
  • 12.00  Sampling and Testing | Deborah Adair, Mattest
  • 12.30  Questions and Answers
  • 13.00  Ends

Email to register. see here 

Advanced Concrete Technology Lecture: Calcined Clay as a Secondary Cementitious Material

Event Date: 05/23/2023


The fastest route to reduce COemissions from cement and concrete is either to replace the clinker in cement, or cement in concrete, with a supplementary cementitious material (SCM). The SCM which is sufficiently abundant to serve the industry world-wide is clay.  This talk goes through all aspects of calcined clay as an SCM; what it is, how it is produced, how does it react with cement as well as what the benefits are when using it in concrete in terms of strength development and durability. The challenges and potential benefits of extremely high calcined clay loadings are also addressed.

Who should attend

This free to attend lecture will be of interest to all those who are involved in the design, specification, production and construction of concrete. Those who should attend include ready-mixed and precast concrete producers, concrete technologists, cement producers, design engineers, consulting engineers and engineers in contracting and sub-contracting firms.

Speaker Biography

Prof, Dr Harald Justnes is Chief Scientist at SINTEF Community, Department of Architecture, Building Materials and Structures, Norway. He is also Adjunct Professor in “Cement and Concrete Chemistry” at Institute of Materials Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. His field of interest covers the chemistry of cement, concrete, admixtures and additives (including polymers) from production, through reactivity, to durability. Prof Dr Justnes has more than 370 papers in journals and conference proceedings.


5.45pm: Registration, Tea/Coffee

6.15pm: Calcined Clay as a Secondary Cementitious Material

7.00pm: Q&A

7.15pm: Event Ends

7.30pm: Group Dinner*

ICT Joint Seminar 2023_Clacined Clay* If you wish to avail of the opportunity to talk further over dinner, please include this on your registration email so a place can be reserved for you. Please note that there will be a charge for dinner.

Email to register, see here for further information.


As we continue to work remotely, please contact us by email for further information and general enquiries.

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