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38th Annual Awards

Building Category and Overall Winer

Winner:Galway Picture Palace
Project Client: Solas Galway Picture Palace Toeranta / Element pictures
Project Architect: dePaor
Project Engineer: CORA Consulting Engineers
Project Contractor: JJ Rhatigan
Major Suppliers: Roadstone / Gerard Leslie

This deeply entwined piece of city in the form of a modern day tower house is only made possible by the mystery and thickness that in-situ concrete has allowed here.

Great caverns open and close; stairs rise and twist; light falls from on high.

This is a project of supreme dexterity and command that from the outset puts in-situ concrete construction at its core. To achieve this in the heart of Medieval Galway is all the more remarkable. This is a tour de force on so many levels.

Infrastructure Category Winner

Winner:The Curragh Racecource
Project Client: The Curragh Racecource
Project Architect: Grimshaw
Project Engineer: AECOM
Project Contractor: John Sisk &Son
Major Suppliers: Banagher Precast / Kilsaran

Through the use of precast concrete elements this racecourse stand manages to produce an extremely elegant and light interior with great precision and quality.

The very high standard of concrete finish achieved is only made possible by the off-site factory finish. The under croft of the stand makes for many beautiful spaces that will be enjoyed by many into the future as Irish Racing’s spectacular new showpiece.

Elemental Category Winner

Winner:Grangegorman TU dublin Campus
Project Client: Grangegorman Development Agency
Project Architect: Mitchell + Associates
Project Engineer: Roadbridge
Project Contractor: Roadbridge
Major Suppliers: Kilsaran / Premier Paving

Through the use of repetition, pattern and texture of a simple concrete pavior at the new Grangegorman Campus, the resulting public realm is transformed into a high quality public surface for Technical University Dublin as it begins its new life.

Much like the way that the cobblestone is part of the psyche of Trinity College public realm, the careful crafting of surface from a modern concrete pavior makes for memorable public realm for future generations of university life at Grangegorman.

9th International Winner

Winner:Meridian Water Rail Station, Enfield, London
Major Suppliers: Shay Murtagh Precast

The judges were impressed by the quality, efficiency, and delivery of a complete railway station on programme and within budget. The success of this innovative design solution is a model for future precast concrete structures within the Network Rail Infrastructure.

Sculpture Award

Winner:Reflectors by Brian Beattie

The coldness of the material is offset by their warm peach colour, which is somehow both at odds with and embraced by the colours of their surroundings. As the title suggests the works are reflective of their environment, incorporating elements of sound and viewfinders which frame the surrounding landscape.

They punctuate the walk along the river and vary in scale allowing inclusive interaction. Proportionally the works are harmonious with their environment neither towering nor diminutive. What we particularly enjoyed about these sculptures was how they subtly enhance the environment and invite engagement but are unobtrusive in their execution.

Séan deCourcy Student Award

Winner:Cillian Collier, University College Dublin for 'Characterizing freeze-thaw damage in concrete'

The purpose of this research project was to examine methods of characterising the damage caused to concrete as a result of exposure to repeated freeze-thaw action. The methods employed for assessing the extent of deterioration produced results capable of generating a predictable relationship between degradation and the number of freeze-thaw cycles to which the material has been exposed.

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