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About us
The Irish Concrete Society was established in 1973 to cater for the needs of all who have an interest in concrete, in its widest sense. Thus, it is the primary organization in Ireland concerned with the technical aspects of design and construction in concrete.

A constitution was approved at its inception to govern various aspects of the Society. This sets out the objectives of the Society, details of membership, members' rights and duties and rules for the ongoing management and operation of the Society.
ICS Logo
If you haven't already guessed, our logo depicts mid-point loading of a simply supported beam.
The Society was founded with the following key objectives:
  • The provision of information on all aspects of concrete by way of meetings, seminars and site visits.
  • The circulation of papers and journals dealing with concrete matters.
  • The promotion of excellence in the use of the material.
  • The promotion of research and other scientific work regarding concrete materials technology.
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